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Global Built Asset Performance Index

AMSTERDAM - Buildings and infrastructure contributed US$36 trillion to global GDP in 2016, according to Arcadis’ latest report, the Global Built Asset Performance Index. An estimated 40% of global GDP will come from the built environment in 2016 compared to 39% in 2014 - an increase of US$3trillion over the two years. Built assets are central to powering performance to generate sustainable growth...

Outbound investment control China

BEIJING - China is drafting new restrictions on outbound investment, including the strict monitoring of outbound investment deals worth more than US$10 billion; increased scrutiny of mergers and acquisitions worth over US$1 billion if they do not involve the Chinese buyer’s core business; and close examination of real estate transactions worth over US$1 billion by State-owned Enterprises (SoEs)....


CPI retiree households Singapore

SINGAPORE - Singapore's Department of Statistics on 29 November 2016 released a paper on "The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Retiree Households. Housing & utilities, food & health care, were the top expenditure categories for retiree households. Collectively, they accounted for more than 75% of their total expenditure. The expenditure weight for housing & utilities was the highest.... 

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